Keynote speaker

Noel Gorelick

Noel Gorelick has been a software engineer at Google for nearly 10 years, having previously worked on a number of NASA Mars Missions and the Cassini mission to Saturn. He's the author of Google Moon, Google Mars and one of the founders of the Google Earth Engine project; a platform for planetary-scale analysis of remote sensing data, dedicated to helping solve society's biggest challenges.

Abstract New tools and opportunities with Google Earth Engine

Google is engaged in planetary-scale mapping on a number of fronts; from capturing the global time-series of urban extent down to extracting individual human-scale features. With an enormous trove of public satellite datasets collected in Google Earth Engine, the ground-level Street View image API and the development of new, large-scale machine learning systems, Google is working on improving both the depth and breadth of the tools in this field by driving the state of the art in image understanding and making those tools available for the average researcher. This talk will present an overview of several of these projects, the techniques they're using, and opportunities for researchers to make use of these tools themselves.